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Don't just take our word for it... Here's what folks are saying about us...

Barrett had a meltdown that ended exactly about 10 seconds after (service dog) Zach snuggled on him. Unbelievable! Thank you so much!
Barrett has also been sleeping in his own bed with Zach all night since we came home. Since birth he has slept with us because we were terrified after his heart surgery and then the seizures. It is such a huge thing that for 7 years he has been in our bed and would meltdown whenever we would try to transition him. In just one week with Zach he is in his own bed with no complaints. I know this is just the beginning. He stayed in his seat during dinner. I took off his socks and let him touch his feet on Zach and he just dangled his feet and rubbed his toes on Zach. He stayed in his seat. I normally can't eat my own meal at dinner time because he is so much work with chasing him down and bringing him back to his seat! This has been an incredible week so far! Zach even went to the bowling alley with 10 little cub scouts last night and he did so good! We are on cloud nine right now! ~ Tammy

Recently, Peyton competed in a youth wrestling tournament. Yes, I said wrestling, where people touch each other. He would finish a match and seek input from his service dog Gideon. This cycle continued until Peyton was injured. He seemed okay at the time and insisted he be allowed to finish the tournament. He whispered something in Gideon’s ear and finished the tournament. He placed second! We later found out that he accomplished this on a severely sprained ankle! Although this may not seem like a huge feat to most, for many autistics allowing others to touch them is intense! Later, when asked what he said to Gideon, he simply replied, “I told him thank you for being my friend.” ~ Berlinda

Our service dog Puah is happy, healthy, handsome and loved by everyone that meets him. Brayden is doing great, no more meltdowns, speaking wonderfully, as a matter of fact her thing is foreign language and has managed to learn to speak quite well in 12 different languages. Brayden is 12 now but looks 16 or 17, I have to brag, she is absolutely beautiful and a joy to be around. Brayden completed her 8th year of dance this year and Puah competed his third right beside her. ~ Wendy

“Service dog” Oshea was a huge help to us this past summer when we took our trip out east. We went to Baltimore, Boston, Washington D.C., civil war battlefields in PA and MD, Niagara Falls and then home through Canada. Austin did fine with Oshea! We know that the trip would not have been as successful without Oshea. Thank you. ~ Ron

David reached another milestone this summer, by going on his first camping trip. David, (and service dog) Levi and I went to Point Beach State park at the end of June. We camped in our tent, cooked meals over an open fire, went swimming, did some sightseeing, and attended a fish boil. All of these activities would have been either impossible or very difficult without Levi… ~ Sally

I am speaking of my new companion in this life, my service dog Caleb. A silly,loving, friendly lab. We are now starting down a "Great" new life together. He is already giving me more then I have given him. The future does not now hold all those dark little corners that had become my future. With him by my side we face "that bright new day". We may stumble along the way, but we have one another to look to. ~ Cathy

Ethan’s meltdowns have decreased drastically. He knows (service dog) Cotton gets upset and will continue to "help" him until he calms down. He also will ask for Cotton to help him calm down. "I need my dog". Sometimes I think Ethan just knows his dog is going to keep on him until he's calm and he might as well just go ahead and calm down. They still happen sometimes where there's not much consoling any of us can do but those are few. I see him recognizing on his own and utilizing Cotton's help! Amazing! ~ Amy

Both Luke and (service dog) Lena are the same creature, obsessed with toys, not overly emotional or talkative, you'd almost never know they liked each other by looking at them together....well last night we were at my in laws swimming and he jumped in, well she jumped in right after him.....it was amazing. I mean he didn't need her help, but she recognized her job in the moment....without any command……quite amazing actually since every other time she had gone in to get her ball, it was up and down the stairs to the pool, but when he jumped, so did she....and then she continued up and down the ladder after she saw he was ok... ~ Erin